Packers: Is Kylin Hill at RB3 a foregone conclusion?

Green Bay Packers, Kylin Hill - Samantha Madar/USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinGpg Packersfamilynight 08072021 0047
Green Bay Packers, Kylin Hill - Samantha Madar/USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinGpg Packersfamilynight 08072021 0047 /

Entering training camp, it was clear that the Green Bay Packers had an open spot on the roster at running back behind Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.

Following the departure of Jamaal Williams, the Packers have been left to choose one from the group of Dexter Williams, Patrick Taylor and 2021 seventh-round draft pick Kylin Hill.

We knew that the Packers would keep Jones and Dillon out for the majority of preseason, leaving these three to battle it out for the final spot. That will be the case. But is it even a close race at this stage? Does Kylin Hill have his roster spot locked up already?

So far, Hill has far exceeded his rookie-camp expectations. He has received just about every compliment a running back can get for the non-contact aspect of the game.

We’ve heard so many good things about Kylin’s vision, explosiveness, speed, fluidity and of course, his cuts. Hill’s jump cuts were masterful in college at Mississippi State and it appears they’re sticking out again at Packers practice.

Running back is one of the more difficult positions to scout in August practice. So much of what makes you good at the position is based off how you respond to in-game contact.

That being said, Hill has already showcased some of that toughness necessary for in-game success when he managed to hold onto the ball on a nine-yard touchdown reception from Aaron Rodgers, despite his helmet being torn off by the defender at the catch point.

When Aaron Jones sat out of practice nursing a hamstring injury on Tuesday, Hill was awarded the opportunity to take reps with the first team. Neither Patrick Taylor nor Dexter Williams received such a call-up.

If there’s anything that seals Hill’s roster spot, it’s by becoming an important contributor on special teams. So far, Kylin appears to have the responsibility of primary kickoff returner.

Between Trevor Davis and Ty Montgomery, Packers fans have been through enough hardship at this cursed position. If Hill can make a positive impact in this area at any point during preseason, book him as the RB3.

Kylin Hill has the full benefit of the doubt right now. Hypothetically, if Hill, Williams and Taylor all performed identically in preseason action, Hill is getting the roster spot, simple as that.

I don’t think Hill’s spot is “locked up” just yet having not participated in a game environment, but I do believe it’s more a case of Kylin “not messing up” through preseason.

Hill doesn’t need to stand out in preseason action. Goodness knows he’s capable of doing so, but there’s no need to go out and become a hero. Just play hard, especially on special teams, and don’t put the ball on the deck.

Do that and I don’t think there’s much that can sway the opinion of the Packers coaches at this stage save for a Dexter Williams 200-yard rampage.