Packers: Marquez Valdes-Scantling breakout season is upon us

Green Bay Packers, Marquez Valdes-ScantlingApc Packvsjaguars 1113200303
Green Bay Packers, Marquez Valdes-ScantlingApc Packvsjaguars 1113200303 /

Marquez Valdes-Scantling may not be on the Packers for much longer, if at all beyond 2021.

The Green Bay Packers are just a few short weeks away from officially kicking off their 2021 season. Despite all of the offseason drama, it will be great to actually have some real football to talk about.

That being said, we are a couple of weeks into the preseason however, many of the Packers’ key players haven’t even been dressing. One of the key players who we haven’t seen is none other than Marquez Valdes-Scantling.

MVS, as he’s most often referred to, was selected in the fifth round of the 2018 draft. Being a fifth-round pick, expectations were low but over the years, it’s been a pleasure to see the young man develop into what he is today.

MVS has been inconsistent at times but he’s also gotten better every year. Heading into year four, Valdes-Scantling is looking to cash in on a contract year. I and many other fans would love to keep him in green and gold but he may very well play himself out of the Packers’ price range.

The fourth-year WR has turned into one of the league’s best deep threats and he has a skill set that the Packers have lacked for several years. MVS, as a former track star, has a certain level of speed that can’t be taught and would be sorely missed if he left.

In my opinion, the best chance the Packers have to keep him would be to re-sign him soon. Unfortunately, I just don’t see that happening. Valdes-Scantling would be foolish to sign a team-friendly deal with Green Bay when he can cash in at the season’s end if his level of play allows it.

Some fans may sour on Valdes-Scantling at times, given his inconsistencies, but losing him would leave a big hole in the offense heading into 2022. Since head coach Matt LaFleur took over in 2019, he has done a great job of utilizing MVS as a legit deep threat.

Time will tell how this will play out for the Packers but MVS has a great opportunity this season, that he should absolutely seize control of and get himself a nice contract for 2022.