Packers: 3 observations from Jordan Love’s preseason performance

Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love (Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images) /
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2. Love needs to improve when pressured

There were lots of good things to take away from Love’s work in the preseason, but it was clear he was at his best when playing in rhythm and on time. Where he needs the most work is making the right decisions when off schedule.

It’s what has made Aaron Rodgers so special over the years. Even when the play breaks down, Rodgers can buy time, avoid pressure, and hit his targets on the move. There’s still a way to go for Love in similar situations.

His interception against the Bills — the only pick he threw in the preseason — was avoidable. On a play-action pass, Love tripped. As he turned around there was pressure in his face. Instead of throwing it away, Love threw deep off balance and it was deservedly picked off.

It’s the type of throw we never see Rodgers make. The risk level was high. Love threw deep into the end zone but there were two defenders in the area. Love had made a smart play just moments before to find Dominique Dafney for a first down. There was no need to roll the dice on this throw, but Love seemed to panic after the play broke down.

We’ve seen a few moments like this from Love over the summer. The good news is that he’s a young, inexperienced QB, and it’s in moments like this that he’ll learn. Getting to work alongside Rodgers is only a good thing.

Love will improve in this area over time, there’s no doubt. It’s about making good decisions under pressure and limiting turnovers.