NFL Week 1 power rankings: Packers make the top five

Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersPackers Rams 04644
Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersPackers Rams 04644 /

Just days away from the start of the new NFL season, Week 1 power rankings are being released just about everywhere. One consistent pattern is that the Green Bay Packers are inside the top five.

NFC runners-up in consecutive seasons, the Packers have retained the core of the team that has been so successful in recent years, and now enter 2021 in what many are calling “The Last Dance”. Perhaps one final run with Aaron Rodgers and this stacked roster.

Unsurprisingly, NFL analysts consider the Packers one of the top contenders in the league.

Packers have a spot in the top five of power rankings

Across the internet, Green Bay is landing inside the top five of NFL power rankings.

In FanSided’s Week 1 power rankings, the Packers sit in fifth position. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the only NFC team ahead of them, a sign that last season’s NFC finalists should be among the top contenders in the conference again.

Over at, Green Bay is one spot higher in fourth. Again, the Super Bowl champions are the only NFC team ahead of Matt LaFleur’s team, along with the AFC-contending Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

Based on many power rankings, it seems Green Bay and Tampa Bay are considered the frontrunners in the NFC, with Kansas City and Buffalo the top contenders in the AFC. Over at CBS Sports, the power rankings reflect that. They also have the Packers in fourth.

How about ESPN’s Week 1 power rankings? Can you guess the top four? Once again, the Packers are fourth.

Not too many analysts are projecting Green Bay will win the Super Bowl this year — the power rankings reflect this — but the expectation is for them to be serious contenders. We’ve seen this story before.

Let’s hope “The Last Dance” ends in ring number two for Rodgers.