Packers: Fans need to pump the brakes on CB Eric Stokes

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Green Bay Packers, Eric StokesCent02 7g52wmyz3j517rma9hjf Original /

Let me preface this piece by saying that I 100 percent, undoubtedly believe that Eric Stokes will become a fantastic, well-rounded cornerback as his time in the NFL progresses along. Stokes has shown that he not only has the skillset, but also the work ethic that makes a successful defensive back in today’s NFL. Stokes is most likely going to end up as one of the Green Bay Packers‘ better draft picks in recent memory, but…

It’s time for some Packers fans to pump the brakes on the former First-Team All-SEC Georgia Bulldog cornerback. I’ve seen a few people on the web saying that Stokes could be one of the best CB2s in the nation, or that Stokes’ performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers was legendary. Stokes has been a massive upgrade from Kevin King, but he gave up 10 catches for 82 yards and four first downs in Week 4.

I believe that all of the overreactions about Stokes are a result of just how bad Kevin King, or any other of the Packers’ CB2s or 3s have been in recent seasons, but it’s important to note that these same fans were heaping the same praise upon King during his first two seasons with the Packers.

Again though, I cannot reiterate how impressed and thrilled I am with Stokes’ performance so far. According to, Stokes has allowed a 73.4 passer rating on a total of 26 targets – which is 26th in the league and very high amongst rookie CBs as well.

Despite those being very impressive, it’s extremely baseless and nonsensical to call Stokes “legendary” or a top CB2 when guys like Byron Jones, Bryce Callahan, J.C Jackson, and Darious Williams all exist and are still playing at a top level.

When the 2021 season is said and done, I do believe that Stokes can be gifted the title of a “top CB2” if he continues to perform the way he is currently. But for a guy that is only four games into his NFL career, some of the comparisons are premature and have no real foundation to them.