Packers: Bears player agrees that Aaron Rodgers owns them

Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersSyndication Usa Today
Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersSyndication Usa Today /

As Aaron Rodgers all but secured yet another victory for the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field with a rushing touchdown, he reminded Chicago Bears fans of his record in their stadium.

“I still own you,” Rodgers quite correctly reminded the crowd, which included many fans not exactly taking too kindly to No. 12 finding the end zone.

As expected, the internet blew up the moment it happened. And there were mixed responses.

Packers fans understandably loved it. Many fans of other teams agreed with the comments. Many Bears fans weren’t as impressed.

However, Bears tight end Cole Kmet didn’t disagree with the comment when asked about it.

Well, we’ve got to respect the honesty from Kmet.

The talented young tight end has now played in three career games against the Packers, all of which were defeats by multiple scores.

Kmet, himself, has put in solid performances with a combined 12 catches for 98 yards in those games. He’s had little help from his defense, though, no matter how talented it is. Kmet has had a front-row seat as the Packers offense, led by Rodgers, has put up a combined 100 points in those three games.

Lombardi Ave’s Parker Moes put together an excellent breakdown of the Packers’ divisional record with Rodgers at QB. They have been dominant in the NFC North, but most notably against the Bears, winning 22 of 27 games.

At Soldier Field they’ve been even more impressive, losing only one game there in over a decade. Outside of a 2018 defeat which sealed the NFC North title for the Bears, you have to go back to the 2010 season to find the Packers’ last defeat at Soldier Field. Even that year, they went back to Soldier Field in the NFC title game and ended the Bears’ season.

Kmet was honest in his response. Then again, what else could he say?