How the Packers can clinch a playoff berth in Week 14

Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersSyndication Usa Today
Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersSyndication Usa Today /

The Green Bay Packers are going to the playoffs. They haven’t yet guaranteed their spot, but they are almost there.

The key word is almost.

This weekend, the Packers can officially clinch a playoff berth.

They will have to wait to win the NFC North. A win over the Chicago Bears will take them one step closer, but the Minnesota Vikings remain in the division race barely after defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

However, Green Bay can secure at the very least a wild-card berth as early as this week. Let’s look at how it’s possible.

How Packers can clinch playoff berth in Week 14

According to, there are two ways Green Bay can clinch a playoff berth. Both scenarios require the Packers defeating the Bears at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football.

Let’s assume the Packers win. They would then be guaranteed playoffs if either of these scenarios happened:

1. New Orleans Saints lose or tie and San Francisco 49ers lose

The Saints visit the New York Jets, so this is a game they’ll be expected to win. The 49ers visit the Cincinnati Bengals.

2. Saints lose + 49ers tie + Los Angeles Rams lose

So, a similar scenario here. The Saints would still need to lose to the Jets, but in this case the 49ers wouldn’t need to lose to the Bengals, only tie. However, the Los Angeles Rams would also need to lose their game to the Arizona Cardinals.

To put it simply, it’s unlikely the Packers will clinch a playoff spot this weekend. But the most important thing is they beat the Bears and move giant step closer.

FiveThirtyEight’s projections give the Packers a greater-than-99% chance of making the playoffs. It’s not a question of if it happens, it’s when.

Maybe Green Bay’s playoff berth will be confirmed this weekend.