Packers: Davante Adams is on relentless pursuit of history

Green Bay Packers, Davante Adams (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Davante Adams (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

In the Green Bay Packers‘ Christmas afternoon victory over the Cleveland Browns, Davante Adams delivered yet another elite performance fit for the title of best receiver in football.

Adams now has four 100-yard games in his last five. The only deterrent in that stretch came when the Baltimore Ravens’ defense threw the kitchen sink at stopping Davante’s side of the field — limiting the All-Pro receiver to a measly 44 yards as a result.

The Browns decided to… not do that. A terrific first quarter from Allen Lazard made it clear that if you commit all of your resources to Adams, the Packers will find other ways to win.

From then on, Adams was frequently left in single coverage. A one-on-one matchup in the slot on a zero blitz led to a clockwork touchdown as Aaron Rodgers began widening that gap between he and Brett Favre in the touchdown annals.

We knew entering this season that Adams and Rodgers could combine for some star-studded records. On Sunday the pair connected for their 70th touchdown which is now the most of any QB-WR duo in Packers history.

With an extra game added to the NFL calendar, and teams airing the ball out more than ever, the modern NFL lends itself to receivers rewriting the record books.

However, don’t forget that Adams missed a game in October when he tested positive for COVID, and the Packers’ offense hasn’t exactly been one of the pass-happiest, making Adams’ accomplishments all the more impressive.

Davante needs 157 yards over the final two games of the regular season to break Jordy Nelson’s single-season franchise record set back in 2014. If Adams can stick to his current pace, he should take the record with a cushion of around 30 yards.

Adams already holds the Packers’ franchise records for receptions and touchdowns in a season, both from last year. He has a good chance of breaking the former — just 10 more catches will suffice.

Of course Adams may not need to suit up in Week 18, which would put all of this in jeopardy. I selfishly hope the Packers still need to win against the Detroit Lions to secure the #1 seed, allowing Davante to maximize his chances.

Looking at it from a broader perspective, Adams is on an all-time great three-year run. Saturday solidified his third straight season with 100+ catches, 1,300+ yards and 10+ touchdowns. He’s the first receiver to accomplish this feat since Marvin Harrison (’99-’01).

Adams is 70 yards away from the 8,000 mark for his career. He’d be just the fourth Packers receiver to ever do so and would overtake the legendary Don Hutson in the process.

Davante also etched his name in the unique NFL record books on Sunday when he amassed his eighth total 10+ reception, 100+ yard, 2+ TD game of his career — that’s the most of any receiver in NFL history.

Entering this season, there could have been a debate between Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson as to who is Aaron Rodgers’ best ever receiver. Adams has eliminated all doubt over the last two months.

In the same fashion, Adams has removed any doubt that he’s the best receiver in football (despite the best efforts of Cooper Kupp). Not only do I believe Adams has entered the same tier as Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins and Antonio Brown, I believe he has solidified his place among all of these potential Hall-of-Famers.