How many compensatory picks will Packers get in 2022 NFL Draft?

Green Bay Packers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

How many compensatory draft picks can the Packers expect in 2022?

The 2022 NFL Draft is only a couple of months away, and the Green Bay Packers should expect to receive a couple of compensatory picks.

While the NFL doesn’t reveal its formula for how they determine which teams receive compensatory picks, it is based on the previous year’s free agency. The idea is to compensate teams that lose more talent than they bring in via free agency.

Factors such as salary could be included in those decisions, although the exact formula is unclear.

Based on last year’s free agency, the Packers should expect compensatory draft picks in 2022.

Packers projected to receive two compensatory picks in 2022

Over The Cap has projected every compensatory draft pick that will be awarded this offseason. They have Green Bay landing two extra picks, one in the fourth round and one in the seventh round.

These picks would be awarded for losing center Corey Linsley and running back Jamaal Williams a year ago. Had Green Bay been more active in free agency and signed players to similar deals that Linsley and Williams got, the transactions may have effectively cancelled each other out, resulting in no compensatory picks.

However, the Packers weren’t all that active. Signings they made like bringing in De’Vondre Campbell and Dennis Kelly were made in the summer beyond the deadline for signings to be considered for compensatory picks. Both players were also given cheap deals.

These picks will give the Packers more swings in the draft to find a potential key contributor. The picks can also be traded, so it gives Green Bay more flexibility to move around the order.

We won’t know officially how many compensatory picks the Packers should expect until nearer the draft, but it sure looks like they should expect a couple this year.