Packers: Special teams, O-line more to blame than Rodgers in 49ers loss

Green Bay Packers, Corey Bojorquez - Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinApc Packvs49ers 0122221026djp
Green Bay Packers, Corey Bojorquez - Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-WisconsinApc Packvs49ers 0122221026djp /

Due to another disappointing playoff loss for the Green Bay Packers against the San Francisco 49ers, four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers is facing a lot of heat this offseason for his poor performance.

But fans are failing to comprehend that Rodgers is not the only one who played poorly in this game.

Special teams and the offensive line are more to blame for this loss than Rodgers.

Rodgers attracting offseason heat

From his personal life to speculation over where he’ll be playing for the 22-23 season, Rodgers is in the spotlight again this offseason. Much of the offseason heat is due to the 49ers loss. While Rodgers didn’t play his best against the 49ers, he doesn’t deserve to take all of the blame.

Many fans are unappreciative of everything Rodgers has done for this team and want to move on from him. While it is frustrating that Rodgers only has one Super Bowl win with the Packers, he has made this team one of the best in the NFL over the years. The Packers have won multiple NFC North championships, had several playoff appearances, five NFC Championship appearances, and broken several records under the leadership of Rodgers.

Without Rodgers, the Packers would not be the powerhouse team that they are today. Love or hate him, there is no denying that Aaron Rodgers has made this team relevant within the past decade.

Poor performance from offensive line 

During the regular season, the offensive line has been very solid. Yet they gave a poor performance in the game against the 49ers which was very costly.

David Bakhtiari’s injury played a huge factor in the offensive line performance as he is the backbone of this unit. Plus, the offensive line as a whole was out of sync. Paul Bretl of Dairyland Express noted that putting in a combination of five offensive linemen who have never played a snap together was a recipe for disaster.

Rodgers struggled to make plays throughout the game and was sacked five times due to minimal protection from the line. Running backs Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon also couldn’t get going because the line wasn’t in-sync, both averaging under 3.7 yards per carry.

Special teams hit the nail in the coffin

The struggle was real for special teams throughout the entire season. Though many emphasized the importance of adjustments with special teams, none were made which proved to be costly in the postseason.

The blocked field goal by Mason Crosby early in the game made a difference. Then, the blocked punt resulting in a 49ers touchdown was the ultimate letdown for the Packers.

The Packers may have made it to the NFC Championship if not for that horrendous play. Most of the blame for this loss should be on special teams, given their lousy performance.