Packers: Strengthening the offensive line in 2022

Green Bay Packers, Billy Turner - Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports
Green Bay Packers, Billy Turner - Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports /

It has been said before that there is one specific group of men who help football teams win games and that is the linemen. The linemen are the group of men who do the grunt work. A big reason why a running back might be able to have a 50-yard run is because of the work of his offensive linemen.

The Green Bay Packers are now looking forward to next season and they need to get better at all positions. One of those positions is their offensive linemen. Here are a couple of things they need to do to improve in this phase of the game.

One of the things they need to do is keep the veteran players around on the offensive line. They need players that know the way of the Green Bay Packers. They need players that are comfortable with the offense.

Keeping the veterans around will help the new players they bring in through any free agent signings and the upcoming draft. The offensive line helped a great deal this past season with the offense being one of the best. They need to keep veterans around to help replicate that success.

Another thing that they need to do with the offensive line is they need to develop their younger guys on the line. Having a veteran presence on the team will help the younger guys on the team feel more comfortable. Having the older guys there will help provide guidance for the younger group so that they will be able to take the reins when the older guys retire. Everyone will help everyone get better.

The Green Bay Packers this past season proved they are still one of the elite NFL teams. They need to make sure that the offensive line is continuing to improve and get better as time goes on. I have no doubt the Packers will show their dominance yet again this upcoming season and it will begin with the men up front.

Their offensive line will show they are ready and poised to make another run at the Super Bowl this next season.