3 reasons Packers fans should be grateful for Aaron Rodgers’ return

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

Why Packers fans should be grateful for Aaron Rodgers’ return.

Aaron Rodgers recently announced his plans to return to the Green Bay Packers in 2022.

While some fans are not too thrilled about this, there are three reasons fans should be grateful for Rodgers’ return.

3. Jordan Love isn’t ready

Some fans have put the blame on Aaron Rodgers for devastating playoff losses in recent years, while the blame should be placed on the team as a whole. No, Rodgers did not play well in the loss to the San Francisco 49ers in January, but the offensive line and special teams also played terrible which greatly contributed to the loss, and that needs to be acknowledged.

The bottom line is if Rodgers would have decided not to return this season and Jordan Love was under center, the season would quickly go down the drain. When Love has had to step in as the starter, the result was a disaster. Love is just not ready to be a starting quarterback.

Not only would there be no playoffs, but the Packers wouldn’t win the NFC North and would probably be one of the worst teams in the NFL due to a big losing season. So maybe we as a fan base should be grateful for what Rodgers has done for this team instead of being so quick to blame him for his postseason failures which many other NFL quarterbacks have experienced.

2. Aaron Rodgers is the key to Packers’ offensive success

Rodgers has been a huge factor in Green Bay’s offensive success, winning consecutive MVPs.

Star wide receiver Davante Adams owes a big part of his success to Rodgers because Rodgers has worked with Adams throughout the years to make him the best receiver in the NFL.

Rodgers is also an outstanding playmaker who does whatever it takes move the chains. He is the best in the league at extending plays outside of the pocket. Plus, he is very efficient in the red zone.

1. Aaron Rodgers’ accomplishments

Rodgers’ accomplishments alone say it all as to why fans should be grateful for his return.

Even with only one Super Bowl win under his belt, Rodgers has proven to be one of the all-time greats with several playoff appearances, including five NFC Championship appearances as well as being a four-time MVP winner.

Within the past decade, the Packers have dominated the NFC North (seven NFC North Championships) with Rodgers under center. Rodgers has played a huge part in Green Bay’s conquering of the NFC North. Considering all factors involved, the Packers would not have achieved that amount of greatness in the past decade with any other quarterback in the modern era.