How many picks do Packers have in 2022 NFL Draft?

Green Bay Packers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Full list of the Green Bay Packers’ 2022 draft picks.

The Green Bay Packers have 11 selections in this month’s 2022 NFL Draft.

Whether they use all of those picks in their current slots or trade some of them remains to be seen, but it’s a strong position to be in.

This draft haul includes two selections in the first round and two in the second round. In total, Green Bay is scheduled to pick five times inside the top 92. Not bad at all.

They have a first- and second-rounder from the Las Vegas Raiders as part of the Davante Adams trade. They also have a seventh-rounder initially from the Chicago Bears, but it came from the Houston Texans as part of the Randall Cobb trade last summer.

Green Bay also has two compensatory draft picks, one in the fourth and seventh rounds, after losing Corey Linsley and Jamaal Williams in free agency last year.

Packers 2022 draft picks

  • Round 1 (No. 22 overall – from Las Vegas Raiders)
  • Round 1 (No. 28)
  • Round 2 (No. 53 – from Las Vegas Raiders)
  • Round 2 (No. 59)
  • Round 3 (No. 92)
  • Round 4 (No. 132)
  • Round 4 (No. 140 – compensatory pick)
  • Round 5 (No. 171)
  • Round 7 (No. 228 – from Chicago Bears via Houston Texans)
  • Round 7 (No. 249)
  • Round 7 (No. 258 – compensatory pick)

Tankathon has a draft power rankings, which ranks each team in the NFL based on the strength of their draft picks. It takes in factors such as the number of picks each team has as well as the value of those picks. For example, a pick in the first round carries more weight than a selection in the later rounds.

With 11 picks including two in Round 1, two in Round 2, and three in the top 92, Green Bay sits 10th in Tankathon’s draft power rankings.

Needless to say, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst has plenty to work with. Without trades, he has a number of swings of the bat with high picks. But should he wish to move up or down, he has the draft picks to be flexible in any potential trades.