Packers: What would second Super Bowl mean for Aaron Rodgers?

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Green Bay Packers, Aaron RodgersSyndication Usa Today /

Let’s be clear: Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback of all time. However, one more Super Bowl ring would take him to a whole new stratosphere.

There are some all-time great signal-callers that only have one ring. Brett Favre and Drew Brees come to mind. There are even some that don’t have a title to their name like Dan Marino.

But it’s clear that most of the all-time greats have more than one ring: Tom Brady (7), Joe Montana (4), and Peyton Manning (2) are all multi-time champions.

Now, let’s remember that winning a Super Bowl takes a complete team. That has always been the case. The same is true for Aaron Rodgers being the best player on the field when he steps foot on it. The fact that he only has one ring is not his fault.

For example, Brady has had a top-10 defense every single one of his career seasons except two. Rodgers has only had a top-10 defense in three career seasons.

Giving up 37 points at home to Eli Manning and the 9-7 New York Giants shouldn’t happen in the postseason. Letting then-49ers QB Colin Kaepernick run wild in back-to-back playoff losses wasn’t a good plan. I’m sure Green Bay Packers fans won’t forget the onside kick in Seattle. I also think Raheem Mostert is still running away from that Packers defense in the 2020 NFC title game.

Finally, all Aaron Rodgers could do is watch as Corey Bojorquez got his punt blocked in January’s divisional-round game that would end in another home postseason loss. If Rodgers is playing for Bill Belichick or with the Legion of Boom in Seattle, none of this stuff happens.

However, Rodgers just needs one more ring. He doesn’t need seven. He just needs multiple at the end of his career. He has already cemented himself as one of the greatest of all time. Multiple rings would put him on Mount Rushmore.

The Chico, CA native has the best TD/INT ratio of all-time (4.83 to 1). Rodgers could throw his 500th career TD pass before his 100th career INT. That is absurd! He has the second-most MVPs in history (4, Peyton Manning has 5). He is a 10-time Pro Bowl selection. He has the two highest-rated passing seasons in NFL history (2011, 2020). He has best QBR in history (min. eight career seasons). He is a member of the NFL 2010 All-Decade Team.

Forget the ridiculously impressive statistics for a second. If you watch him on the field, his abilities are second to none. He has a top-five arm of all time. He has a sixth sense when it comes to escaping the pocket. He knows when the rush is close. Even at 38 years old, the man is still as mobile as ever.

He is more mobile now than Tom Brady ever was in his early 20s. His accuracy has always been elite. His ability to draw the defense offsides and create a “free play” is the greatest in NFL history. Put catching the defense with 12 men on the field in that same category.

For those that say Aaron Rodgers isn’t a winner, he has the second-best active winning percentage among quarterbacks (.663). He has the eighth-most wins in NFL history for quarterbacks (150). Add his Super Bowl ring to that pile of statistics and awards.

This is one of the greatest careers in not just NFL history, but sports as well. If the former California Golden Bear plays out the rest of his current deal, he will have two decades with one team. Aside from Kobe Bryant, there aren’t many other athletes that have spent their entire careers, that span at least 20 seasons, with one team and winning multiple championships.

That is what Aaron Rodgers can do here. His longevity has been and would continue to prove to be incredible. Also, he would join a list of Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Johnny Unitas as the only players to have at least three MVPs and multiple championships. That is historic company.

All No. 12 needs is one more. He doesn’t need 10. He doesn’t need seven. He doesn’t need four.  He just needs one more. His abilities are second to none. His stats and awards speak for themselves. He is a combination of every great quarterback and/or his abilities.

Rodgers has his old friend Brett Favre’s toughness. He has Drew Brees’ accuracy. He has Russell Wilson’s escape ability. He has Peyton Manning’s IQ. He has John Elway’s arm strength. He is one of the major reasons why the Green Bay Packers are set up for success on the back nine of his career. They are ready to win right now.

If Green Bay can find Rodgers multiple receivers to fill the Davante Adams void between now and this September, Green Bay has as good a shot as any to bring the Lombardi Trophy home in the next few seasons.

All Rodgers needs is one more. That would take him out of the category of Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco and put him in the category with Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, and Tom Brady.

He is the most talented QB of all time. The most complete QB of all time. The most dangerous QB of all time.

One more Super Bowl would put him on Mount Rushmore at the very least. Multiple Super Bowls combined with his talents would make him the greatest of all time in a lot of people’s eyes. That would be the case for me too.