Packers 2022 Draft: Christian Watson is a unique talent

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Christian Watson is a unique athlete with a unique skill set.

The North Dakota State product stands at 6-foot-4 and runs a 4.3-second 40-yard dash. He has the size that allows him to overpower defenders while also demonstrating that he can absolutely fly.

At NDSU, Watson had a career yards-per-reception mark of 20.7 and and a yards-per-carry mark of 8.6. If you want “chunk” plays, you draft Christian Watson.

He gets yards in bunches in multiple ways. That is what makes him so dangerous and so unique. He has demonstrated his ability to run nearly every route. His release is strong. His ability to go up and grab contested passes is impressive as well (38.5-inch vertical).

In a Green Bay Packers offense that uses a lot of pre-snap motion and is looking for size and speed, Watson could flourish. Aaron Rodgers would be fired up for him for sure.

He would have a new weapon that would electrify this offense and possibly take it to a whole new level.

Watson could take on that Deebo Samuel role in the Packers’ offense, but more so with jet sweeps and WR screens. His game-breaking speed is something that this Packers offense has not had in a long, long time.

His release and quickness are dangerous qualities. Those are attributes the WR room is missing now with Davante Adams gone. Green Bay is in prime position with its two first-round draft picks to make a splash at WR. If things land the way they should, the Florida native should be there.

Adding Watson to a receiving corps of Sammy Watkins, Allen Lazard, Randall Cobb, and Amari Rodgers would be a welcomed sight. He would be an inch right behind Lazard in terms of height (Lazard is 6-foot-5).

Watkins is a true pro that can win one-on-one in the right position. Lazard is your typical do-it-all receiver that just happens to be one of the best run-blocking receivers in the game as well.

Cobb has had Aaron Rodgers’ trust in the slot for a long time. Amari Rodgers will learn behind Cobb.

You never know if the team will dip into their roughly $15 million in cap space and sign a veteran like Julio Jones. Maybe they also can swing a trade for a veteran like Tyler Lockett without having to give up a first-round pick.

But with Watson, he would be a gadget player for Matt LaFleur and OC Adam Stenavich. He would be a fantastic draft selection for the Packers if GM Brian Gutekunst could make it happen.