Packers: There should be no kicking competition for Mason Crosby

Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby, Randall Cobb (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Mason Crosby, Randall Cobb (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

The Green Bay Packers have made some recent moves at placekicker, but none of them involved Mason Crosby.

The team cut Dominik Eberle and claimed Gabe Brkic from the rival-Minnesota Vikings. Eberle was simply an extra kicker during OTAs for Green Bay and was only going to be needed if Crosby went down with an injury.

Brkic will be used in the same role. It is unlikely that he makes a big enough leap to the point where a conversation starts about possibly cutting Crosby.

That is a professional analysis of the kicking situation. However, as a fan, I think it would be a ridiculous decision to cut the soon-to-be 16-year veteran.

Yes, Crosby has had a couple of off games here or there over the years. Yes, he is coming off of his worst season statistically since 2012. Yes, he will turn 38 in September.

But let’s not forget that nobody knows how to kick a football at Lambeau Field better than Crosby. He is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the Green Bay Packers.

Also, most of the misses and blocked attempts last season came from a poor blocking job up front and an inexperienced cold-weather holder in then-punter Corey Bojorquez.

The signing of eight-year veteran punter Pat O’Donnell will almost certainly flip the script.

Remember, O’Donnell spent his first eight seasons in Chicago. He will help improve the field goal game.

Also, all Packers fans remember so many clutch kicks that Crosby has made over his historic career. He made two clutch kicks in the final two minutes of the NFC Divisional Round in 2017 vs. the Dallas Cowboys, including the game-winner.

What about his electrifying game-winner in San Francisco early last season? Sometimes, the great moments don’t always come from field-goal kicking. Remember when he stripped Cordarrelle Patterson in 2015 on a kick return?

He has been the creator of some special moments in Green Bay Packers history over the years.

Mason Crosby is not getting replaced now. He is most likely coming to the end of the line in the next few seasons, but that time is not now. He is one of the key cornerstones of this franchise. He is still incredibly clutch.

This team cannot win a Super Bowl without him. They are not going to bring in a rookie kicker, especially one who knows very little about kicking in the cold in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

This is Mason Crosby’s job. There is no competition whatsoever. The Packers make these kinds of moves just to provide depth behind their veterans and starters.

Mason Crosby is the man for the job. He always has been. He will continue to be, especially while this team’s Super Bowl window is open.