Where are Packers in waiver order after roster cuts?

Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Brian Gutekunst (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

With every NFL team finalizing their 53-man rosters on Tuesday, many talented players around the league will hit waivers. Where are the Green Bay Packers in the waiver order?

First, how do waivers work?

Each team can put in a waiver claim for players waived by their previous team during Tuesday’s cuts.

If multiple teams put in a waiver claim, the team with the higher priority gets to sign the player. That priority is based on last season’s record. If no team submits a waiver claim, the player becomes a free agent and can sign with anyone.

If the Packers decide to submit a waiver claim tomorrow, they don’t have the best chance of getting that player.

According to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network, the Packers are 28th in the waiver order.

That means if they place a waiver claim on a player, they will need the 27 teams above them not to submit a claim.

It’s far from impossible for the Packers to successfully sign a player using the waiver system. It just means if there are multiple other teams interested in a player, it reduces the Packers’ chances.

However, not every player released on Tuesday will be subject to waivers. Players with more than four years of NFL experience will immediately become free agents, allowing them to sign with any team.

That means if the Packers want to sign a veteran player like safety Tony Jefferson, they are able to negotiate a deal and don’t need to submit a waiver claim.

Will we see some activity from the Packers on Wednesday?

It’s certainly possible. Maybe they bring in a new long snapper or add some depth elsewhere. However, their priority will most likely be to re-sign players to their practice squad.

But we’ll see. It should make for an interesting afternoon on Wednesday.