Should Packers bench Aaron Rodgers for Jordan Love?

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

Is it time for the Green Bay Packers to bench Aaron Rodgers for Jordan Love? Not so fast.

It started as a whisper, but there is now a roar from sections of the Green Bay Packers fanbase, calling for Jordan Love to start ahead of Aaron Rodgers.

The concerns are understandable.

Green Bay’s lethargic offense is averaging just 17.8 points per game. This isn’t Week 2 anymore. The Packers have struggled to play consistent offense six weeks in a row.

However, making a QB change isn’t the answer. While Rodgers is nowhere near his MVP best, he isn’t getting much help.

Would Love have performed much better against the New York Jets with the same embarrassing offensive line play in front of him?

Aaron Rodgers is not blameless, but he needs more help

It’s hard for a quarterback to find a rhythm with pressure consistently in his face.

New York’s defense absolutely dominated, sacking Rodgers four times and making nine quarterback hits.

Rodgers had little help from his offensive line or the skill-position players. According to Pro Football Focus, Royce Newman allowed six pressures in the game, while the skill players dropped five passes in total. An AJ Dillon fumble didn’t help matters, either.

A truly embarrassing performance from a Packers offense expected to be in the NFL’s top tier.

Of course, Rodgers isn’t blameless. He hasn’t been good enough in the opening six weeks. Turn on the All-22 this season, and you’ll find countless examples of Rodgers not seeing an open wide receiver, or not throwing with his usual pinpoint accuracy.

But Rodgers also isn’t getting much help. Dropped passes, fumbles, poor protection, and questionable play-calling have all come into play this season.

Green Bay’s offense is broken. It feels a lot like the 2015 season after the Packers lost Jordy Nelson. Or perhaps the 2016 season, when the offensive struggles led to a four-game losing streak.

Rodgers became Superman that season and helped the Packers run the table. It may take something similar in 2022.

Benching the reigning MVP is not the answer.

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