Packers: 5 trade destinations for Aaron Rodgers in 2023

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images) /

New York Jets

From Matt LaFleur to Mike LaFleur?

The New York Jets could’ve been serious Super Bowl contenders with better quarterback play this season. Perhaps Aaron Rodgers follows Brett Favre in swapping the Green Bay Packers for the New York Jets.

And there’s a connection there between the coaching staffs. Matt LaFleur’s close friend Robert Saleh is the Jets’ head coach, while his brother Mike is the offensive coordinator.

A deal could make sense for everyone. Saleh and LaFleur solve their quarterback problem with a four-time MVP, while the Packers get to move forward with Jordan Love and receive future draft picks in a deal.

For Rodgers, he would be going to a team with a talented defense, a good coach, and plenty of talent around him on offense. He would have a solid offensive line as well as a receiving corps featuring Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore.

And there would be plenty of similarities between the two offenses to make it easier for Rodgers to make the move.

The Jets are playoff contenders in 2022. But by trading for Aaron Rodgers next offseason, they could become Super Bowl contenders in 2023.

Could trading Rodgers to the Jets make sense for the Packers? Possibly.