5 ways Packers can go all-in with Aaron Rodgers in 2023 season

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images) /
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Should the Green Bay Packers stick with Aaron Rodgers in 2023?

That question splits the fanbase. If I were general manager Brian Gutekunst, I’d begin the Jordan Love era next season.

It could go either way. Rodgers may have played his final snap in Green Bay, but it’s also entirely possible he returns for another Super Bowl push in 2023.

If the Packers and Rodgers do agree to run it back, they have to go all-in. It’s the only option.

They can’t go halfway there. It’s all or nothing. Here’s how they can go all-in.

5. Restructures, extensions to create cap space

The absolute number one priority is to fix the salary cap for the 2023 season. Forget the future. Focus on the present.

The Packers need to create cap space, and they can do this by restructuring contracts and also working out some contract extensions. The main focus is to lower cap hits for the 2023 season.

Zach Kruse of Packers Wire broke down seven contract restructures the Packers can make to create a little over $50 million.

Doing so would help Green Bay comfortably get under the cap and have some room to make moves.

Contract extensions, cuts, and trades could also help create more cap space.

If Rodgers is back, priority number one is to create as much cap space as possible without losing too many key players.