5 ways Packers can go all-in with Aaron Rodgers in 2023 season

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Kayla Wolf/Getty Images) /
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Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

3. Trade Jordan Love

It has to be Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love. Keeping Love as the backup quarterback for his entire rookie deal just doesn’t seem like a good option. If the decision is to go all-in with Rodgers, trade Love for draft picks.

If the Packers keep Rodgers, they have to go all-in.

If they go all-in, they are creating significant salary cap issues for future years. That would make it tough to build a competitive team around Jordan Love in the future.

Keeping Rodgers would also mean a fourth straight year without Love getting an opportunity, and he becomes a free agent next offseason.

If the Packers bring back Rodgers, they are committed to the here and now.

Trading Love would make sense. Love gets a chance to start elsewhere, and the Packers can add additional draft picks. Maybe they could ask for a second-rounder in return.

Green Bay can’t have it both ways. The team can’t focus on the present and the future. If they go somewhere in between, they won’t be doing everything to win a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. So, what’s the point?

Either commit to Aaron Rodgers or commit to Jordan Love. Keeping both on the roster in 2023 just doesn’t seem realistic.