What could Packers receive by trading down in 2023 NFL Draft?

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Trading down could make sense for the Green Bay Packers in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Adding additional Day 2 picks could be perfect, given the depth of the draft class.

If the Packers were to trade down from No. 15 overall, what could they receive?

What could the Packers get by trading down in 2023 NFL Draft?

Below are all of the first-round choices after the Packers’ selection. If the Packers were to move down from No. 15 overall, here’s a look at what they could receive.

I’ve used DraftTek’s trade value chart to help, which is a great resource when it comes to potential draft-day deals.

No. 16 overall: By trading down only one position, Green Bay could likely ask for a Day 3 pick in return, potentially as high as a fourth-rounder.

No. 17: A combination of Day 3 picks may be required. Picks in the fourth and fifth rounds may do it.

No. 18: Green Bay could ask for a third-rounder, but may need to send a Day 3 selection along with the No. 15 pick.

No. 19: The Packers should be able to get a third-round choice by moving down four spots.

No. 20: A third-rounder could do it, but Green Bay could also ask for another Day 3 pick in addition.

No. 21: A third-rounder should be the minimum. Along with that, a combination of either Day 3 or future picks could get a deal done.

No. 22: See, pick 21.

No. 23: See, pick 21.

No. 24: Green Bay could likely land a second-round pick here, but may send a late Day 3 pick to help make it happen.

No. 25: The New York Giants own this pick and the No. 57 pick (second round). That would be a fair trade.

No. 26: Picks in the second and fifth rounds could make a deal work to drop back this far.

No. 27: A second-rounder at minimum, with other Day 3 picks likely included.

No. 28: See, pick 27.

No. 29: The New Orleans Saints own this pick and they also have the No. 40 pick. A possible deal could see Green Bay send the No. 15 pick along with a couple of Day 3 picks, in return for the No. 29 and No. 40 picks.

No. 30: The Packers could ask for picks in the second and third rounds here.

No. 31: Similar to above. The Kansas City Chiefs own this selection. The Packers could ask for the Chiefs’ picks in the second and third rounds, and more. Perhaps No. 31 and a future first-round pick would do it.