3 draft picks Packers got right and 2 they will regret

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Packers draft picks they got right: EDGE Lukas Van Ness

We've looked at two possible Day 3 home runs, but let's not forget about the Packers' first-round pick, Iowa's Lukas Van Ness. The Packers couldn't have played it any better.

While it must've been tempting to draft an offensive player in the first round as it was a deep edge rusher class, waiting would've been a mistake. After the Packers took Van Ness, Will McDonald IV, Myles Murphy, Nolan Smith, and Felix Anudike-Uzomah all came off the board before the end of Round 1.

Had Green Bay waited, it would've missed out on several of the top pass rushers in the class. As it turned out, the Packers got their pass rusher and then got to make the most of the excellent pass-catcher depth on Day 2.

Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network wrote that Van Ness has "immediate alignment versatility and blue-chip upside as a disruptive chess piece on the defensive line."

Van Ness could be a future Pro Bowler.

Being able to line up inside will help him get on the field early in his career, and Van Ness has the potential to become an excellent starting edge defender in the Packers' defense for many years to come.