3 emergency quarterback options for the Packers in 2023

What happens if Jordan Love has to miss any games in 2023? Then what?
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Packers could sign Teddy Bridgewater

The Packers could start one of their current backups on the roster. Of course, that's not the only option. Green Bay could also turn to free agency to sign a veteran.

It's a move the Packers should consider making now and not the moment they need someone to cover for Jordan Love. Signing a veteran now would give them a chance to learn the system and build a connection with the Packers' receivers over the summer.

Teddy Bridgewater remains available, and he would be a great signing for the Packers. Bridgewater has played in a backup role often in recent years, including with the Miami Dolphins last season. He has plenty of NFL experience, having started 65 games for five different teams throughout his career.

Bridgewater wouldn't just provide solid cover if Love gets injured, but he can also help the Packers' new starting quarterback. Bridgewater has years of experience starting in the NFL and would be able to give Love advice as he goes through his first season as a starter.

If Love misses any time, the Packers would know they have a dependable quarterback stepping in rather than relying on backups with zero regular season experience.

Signing a veteran is the way to go, and the Packers should consider bringing in Bridgewater before the start of training camp.

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