3 free-agent quarterbacks Packers should sign to back up Jordan Love

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Packers should sign free agent Matt Ryan to back up Jordan Love

Matt Ryan, a backup quarterback? It's weird to even imagine, but it could become a reality in 2023.

Ryan's one season with the Indianapolis Colts couldn't have gone much worse, leaving the former first-round pick without a team. Unless a starting opportunity presents itself, Ryan may be best off joining a team as a backup, where he could have a significant impact.

For starters, in the event of a Jordan Love injury, it sure wouldn't hurt to have a former NFL MVP with 62,792 career passing yards to bring off the bench. Ryan could help the Packers win games if Love had to miss any time.

But also think of the wealth of experience Ryan has. He has started 234 games in the regular season, 10 in the playoffs, and led the Atlanta Falcons to a Super Bowl. Ryan is a four-time Pro Bowler and has arguably enjoyed a Hall of Fame career.

Love could learn so much from Ryan. And when things get tough in his first season as a starter, he would get advice from a quarterback who has seen it all in his 15-year career.

Would Ryan consider a backup job, or will he wait for a starting opportunity to become available? He could make a huge impact for the Packers as a backup and would be a home-run addition this offseason.

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