3 Green Bay Packers fan favorites who won't be back in 2024

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David Bakhtiari

The Packers have found their new starting tackles.

Their patience with Rasheed Walker paid off. Walker was a seventh-round pick in 2022 but didn't play a single offensive snap until the 2023 season opener against the Chicago Bears. He faced ups and downs in the weeks ahead, but Walker began to dominate by the second half of the season.

The Packers have found another talented starter along the offensive line on Day 3 of the draft. Gutekunst selected Walker in the seventh round. Only a year later, he was shutting down All-Pro pass rusher Nick Bosa one-on-one in a playoff game.

According to ESPN, Walker finished first in pass block win rate. Right tackle Zach Tom was 16th and played at a Pro Bowl level for much of the season. The Packers have their starting tackles.

What does this mean for five-time All-Pro David Bakhtiari?

Bakhtiari played in one game this season due to injury. According to Over The Cap, he has one year remaining on his contract, but his cap hit of $40.02 million is an issue. Releasing or trading Bakhtiari would lower that number to $19.08 million.

Bakhtiari is a franchise legend and one of the Packers' all-time great pass protectors. But in 2024, he could be starting at left tackle elsewhere—New York Jets? It's hard to imagine the Packers bringing him back.