3 nightmare scenarios for Green Bay Packers in 2023

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles
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1. Jordan Love struggles

All eyes are on Jordan Love this season. The Packers traded up to draft him in the first round three years ago. It led to ongoing drama with departing quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Love had to patiently await his moment, and it has finally come.

The Packers made the bold decision to draft Love. If he doesn't live up to expectations, it falls on them. They made that call.

Green Bay doesn't need to make the playoffs or compete for a Super Bowl this season. Love doesn't even need to have a Pro Bowl-level season. He just needs to show signs that he can be the Packers' next long-term starter, just like Aaron Rodgers did in 2008. Even though the Packers went 6-10 that year, there was little doubt they had their quarterback.

But what if Love has a disappointing season? It would be the absolute worst-case scenario and would leave the Packers in a difficult position. They may need to reenter the quarterback market next offseason if they don't feel Love is the man to replace Rodgers.

The hope is they can build a team around Love in the coming years. But he needs to prove himself and show he's ready. The Packers hope they don't have to search for a new quarterback after 2023.

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