3 Packers fan favorites who won't be back with team in 2024

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3 Packers fan favorites who could be gone in 2024: David Bakhtiari

Unfortunately, this season could be David Bakhtiari's last in Green Bay. The Packers have to do something about his 2024 cap hit, which is $40.58 million, according to Over The Cap.

The Packers can't realistically move on from Bakhtiari now. They would lose cap space by trading or releasing him before June 1. The fact Green Bay didn't draft a tackle is another indication the team plans to stick with him this season.

It becomes an option after June 1, although this year's cap savings would be minimal.

The Packers may choose to move on in 2024. If they cut or trade Bakhtiari next offseason, they will be left with a dead cap hit of $19.08 million. That would be a saving of $21.5 million from his current 2024 cap hit.

Bakhtiari is still an excellent pass-protector, which opens up the possibility of the Packers trading him to a contender during the season. As it would happen after June 1, Green Bay would save some cap space by doing so.

Whether it's via a trade after June 1 this year or by moving on next offseason, Bakhtiari probably won't be back in 2024 unless the Packers sign him to a new deal to lower his cap hit, which seems unlikely.