Top 3 players Packers should completely avoid in 2023 NFL Draft

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Jordan Addison, WR, USC

Jordan Addison is projected to go in the first round, but the Packers shouldn't draft the USC wide receiver.

We discussed the Packers' size/athleticism thresholds earlier. At 5-foot-11, Addison just about meets the height threshold, but he is 173 pounds. On top of that, the Packers typically draft elite athletes in the first round, but Addison earned a Relative Athletic Score of 5.89 out of 10.

There's a lot to like about Addison's game, and there's no doubt he can become a talented wide receiver in the NFL. He is one of the best route-runners in the class. There is just too much risk for the Packers to draft him in the first round.

Another concern is his drop in production last season. In 2021, he caught 100 passes for 1,593 yards and 17 touchdowns at Pitt. However, after making the switch to USC last season, he made just 59 receptions for 875 yards and eight touchdowns. Not bad numbers, but a significant decline from the season prior.

Again, Addison has a lot of potential. He could become a star in the NFL. There are just too many concerns. He doesn't meet the Packers' size or athletic thresholds, and he only had one great season in college.

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