3 significant questions for Packers at quarterback

There is excitement for the Packers at quarterback, but plenty of uncertainty, too.
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
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Three significant questions for the Green Bay Packers at quarterback in 2023.

The Green Bay Packers have turned the keys of their offense from a surefire future Hall of Fame selection to an inexperienced option who was waiting in the wings the past few seasons.

This is not unprecedented or even uncharted waters for the Green Bay Packers franchise as they hope the Jordan Love era is as successful as those that preceded it.

Even though the Packers have been down this road previously, there are still three significant questions they must ask themselves about the quarterback position.

1. How much of the offense will be on Jordan Love's shoulders?

This is a very fair question. Jordan Love is basically a rookie with some experience watching from the sidelines.

The offensive responsibilities of Aaron Rodgers are near unquantifiable and there is no way that Matt LaFleur would burden Love everything that was expected of Rodgers.

Keeping that in consideration, the Packers need to find out if Love can actually play. There must be a substantial load that rests on his shoulders in order to have a clear and precise picture of what they have at the quarterback position. It is important to find out at some point this season whether Love is a driver or passenger of the offense.