3 significant questions for Packers at quarterback

There is excitement for the Packers at quarterback, but plenty of uncertainty, too.
Green Bay Packers Offseason Workout
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2. What is the acceptable low level performance threshold?

At some point during the season Jordan Love is going to have a bad game, a real clunker. It happens to every quarterback no matter how experienced or elite they are.

Every Hall of Fame quarterback has played a game where they were the reason the team lost and it was all their fault at one time or another. But there is that certain low level of performance that results in a player being benched and that threshold needs to established with Love.

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As mentioned in the previous slide, Green Bay has to find out what they have in Love. Part of that process includes having him play through some rough games. Even though the stat sheet looks quite rough afterward, it is a necessary evil and a character builder when all is said and done.

At the same time they must be careful not to over do it. This could damage Love psychologically and he could never be the same. Establishing the point where they must remove him from the game for his own good must be established in order to protect him. Improper handling of Love could result in larger substantial changes being made at season's end.