3 significant questions for Packers at quarterback

There is excitement for the Packers at quarterback, but plenty of uncertainty, too.
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3. What if Jordan Love is not the answer?

This is the last thing that anyone wants to think about, but it is still a question that needs answering.

What if the Packers find out that the first-round quarterback that created an irreparable rift between their former Hall of Fame quarterback is not the future of the franchise? This would really back the Packers into a corner and put them in an unenviable position.

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Ending up having to exhaust more resources to replace the quarterback who got you in this situation in the first place is not a good team building process.

There is enough talent at the skill positions to make Jordan Love at least look serviceable. This is in addition to an offense choreographed by Matt LaFleur that does have some quarterback friendly themes in it. If Love is not able to play at an average level with this environment, finding a replacement for their replacement would become a necessity for the Packers.

Finding a solution for the most important position in all of sports is a must and time cannot be wasted on someone if they have proven to not be the long-term solution.

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