3 teams Packers hope Dalvin Cook doesn’t sign with and 2 best-case scenarios

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Dalvin Cook signing with Bengals would be best-case scenario for Packers

The Cincinnati Bengals would be a great landing spot for Dalvin Cook and also one the Packers would be pleased with.

Cook would be a game-changing addition for the Bengals in a crowded AFC. To win the conference and get back to the Super Bowl, the Bengals will likely need to beat the Kansas City Chiefs, as they did two seasons ago. Bringing in a Pro Bowl running back like Cook helps.

What makes this even better is that the Bengals play the Minnesota Vikings this season. The two teams meet in Week 15. It would be fun to watch Cook putting in a dominant performance against his former team.

The Vikings are the only NFC North team on the Bengals' schedule this season as a result of the 17th game rules.

Unless they meet in the Super Bowl, the Packers won't play against the Bengals until the 2025 season. They wouldn't have to worry about Cook helping an NFC rival, but he could help eliminate the Vikings from contention late in the season. A win-win.

Cook signing with the Bengals would be a perfect result for the Packers and an excellent landing spot for the Pro Bowl running back.