3 teams Packers hope Dalvin Cook doesn’t sign with and 2 best-case scenarios

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
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Dalvin Cook signing with Jets would be best-case scenario for Packers

Let's get Aaron Rodgers some help, shall we? Sure, why not?

Dalvin Cook signing with any AFC team not on the Packers' schedule can be considered a good result. And that includes the New York Jets.

Not only that, but the Jets also take on many potential playoff contenders in the NFC, including the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Commanders, and Atlanta Falcons.

The Jets are in win-now mode, so signing Cook makes a ton of sense. New York will get second-year Breece Hall back from injury this season, but adding Cook would give Nathaniel Hackett's offense one of the league's best running back duos. That makes life far easier for Aaron Rodgers.

It's Super Bowl-or-bust for the Jets this season, and Cook helps them increase their chances of winning a challenging AFC.

Cook signing with the Jets would be perfect for the Packers. He would be in the AFC and not on a rival team within the conference. The Jets don't take on the Packers this season, but they do play against some playoff contenders in the NFC.

And as an added bonus, it would be fun for Aaron Rodgers to get some more help on offense with the Jets.

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