3 worst contracts on the Green Bay Packers 2023 roster

The Packers have tough salary cap decisions to make in the near future.

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2. Aaron Jones

It doesn't feel good to include Aaron Jones on this list after he took a pay cut to stay with the Packers this offseason. But the need to take a pay cut kind of proves the point.

Green Bay needed to lower Jones's cap hit, which it achieved, but it was only a short-term fix.

The Packers successfully reduced Jones's cap number to $8.2 million this year. However, it rises to $17.17 million in 2024, the final year of his contract. Green Bay will pay a further $6.64 million in 2025, even though Jones will no longer be under contract. The Packers pushed money into the future by adding void years.

Yes, Green Bay could save some cap space by releasing Jones in the offseason. But it's a similar story to many other big contracts, as they would be left with a dead cap hit of $12.36 million for a player no longer on the roster.

The conversation this week has been about the declining running back market in the NFL. Teams are reluctant to pay running backs big money. The Packers did give Jones a significant contract, but they are now trying to find ways to reduce the cap hits.

They will face a similar problem next spring.