3 worst contracts on the Green Bay Packers 2023 roster

The Packers have tough salary cap decisions to make in the near future.

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1. David Bakhtiari

When the Packers handed David Bakhtiari a four-year, $105.5 million extension in 2020, nobody could've predicted what was to come.

Bakhtiari was on top of his game, having made four consecutive All-Pros, and he would make it five straight later that season. However, just a month and a half after signing the new deal, Bakhtiari suffered a serious knee injury.

Not only did it end his 2020 season, but Bakhtiari played just 27 snaps in 2021 and was in and out of the lineup in 2022.

Bakhtiari is still a tremendous player and dominant pass-protector when healthy. He just hasn't played much football since the injury.

The Packers' salary cap situation forced them to restructure his deal. The short-term gain will become serious long-term pain once Bakhtiari's cap hit reaches $40.58 million next year.

There is no simple solution. The Packers could release him next offseason but would still pay $19.08 million in dead money. They could trade him this year to land draft capital. But the end result is still paying $19.08 million in dead money next season.

A new deal could work, allowing the Packers to spread money across multiple years, but that's a risk considering Bakhtiari's recent injury history. He also turns 32 in September.

Bakhtiari is a superstar -- an all-time Packers great and a fan-favorite on and off the field. But the Packers have a difficult decision to make with his contract moving forward.

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