4 former draft picks Packers wish they could bring back

Davante Adams
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The Green Bay Packers pride themselves on their draft-and-develop philosophy. Part of that is knowing which draft picks to re-sign and who to let go at the end of their rookie contracts.

For the most part, the Packers get this right. They don't usually overpay to bring back their own free agents, but they almost always ensure their star players return on new deals.

Sometimes, though, they get it wrong. Which four former draft picks do the Packers wish they could bring back this season?

Corey Linsley

It's completely understandable why the Packers moved on from Corey Linsley. They had limited salary cap space and Linsley was entering his age-30 season. But the Packers didn't get it right when searching for his replacement.

Green Bay drafted Josh Myers in the second round that year. Myers is a solid starter but has been too inconsistent. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Creed Humphrey only one pick later, and he is already a Pro Bowler, second-team All-Pro, and Super Bowl champion.

Linsley, meanwhile, was named a second-team All-Pro and Pro Bowler in 2021, his first season with the Los Angeles Chargers.

While their reasons for moving on two years ago were fair, the Packers miss Linsley.