4 former draft picks Packers wish they could bring back

Davante Adams
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Jamaal Williams

The Packers moved on from Jamaal Williams in free agency two years ago, and the former fourth-round pick signed with the Detroit Lions.

AJ Dillon stepped into the No. 2 spot alongside Aaron Jones, and he has played well, but the Packers miss Williams' all-around game.

The Lions gave Williams an increased role last season, and it paid off in a huge way. Williams had by far the most carries of his career, and he turned it into 1,066 yards and a league-best 17 rushing touchdowns. A special season from Williams.

It's not like Green Bay couldn't afford to bring him back, either. According to Spotrac, Williams' deal with the Lions was for two years and worth $6 million. He has since signed a three-year contract with the New Orleans Saints worth $12 million.

Williams showed his ability to take on a featured role in an offense by setting career-best rushing stats last season. He's also a capable pass-catcher, with 1,191 career receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

Everybody loves Jamaal Williams. He is a talented player, a great teammate, and he always has a positive attitude. The Packers miss Williams on offense. He should have an excellent season with the Saints.