4 former draft picks Packers wish they could bring back

Davante Adams
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Micah Hyde

Micah Hyde left Green Bay six years ago, but he's still one of the best safeties in the NFL. Not re-signing Hyde is easily one of the biggest free agency mistakes by the Packers in recent memory.

And it's not like Hyde didn't play well in Green Bay before finally reaching his potential with the Buffalo Bills. He had an excellent Packers career, playing a number of roles on defense and special teams.

Hyde played safety and cornerback in Green Bay's defense, making 24 pass defenses and eight interceptions over four seasons. And that's despite only starting 33 of the 63 games he played for the Packers.

He also dominated on special teams, returning three punts for touchdowns over two seasons.

The Packers didn't re-sign Hyde in 2017 and he signed with the Bills. Since, he has been named a second-team All-Pro twice and was a Pro Bowler in 2017. In six seasons with the Bills, Hyde has made 35 pass defenses and 14 interceptions.

Hyde and Jordan Poyer joined the Bills in the same offseason, and there hasn't been a better safety duo anywhere else in the league.

Even six years after moving on from Hyde, he would still start in the Packers' defense.

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