4 former Packers who could come out of retirement and still play in 2023

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins
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1. JC Tretter, C

Former Packers offensive lineman JC Tretter announced his retirement from the NFL only last summer, but there's little doubt he could still play at a high level if he ever wanted to return.

Tretter is only 32 years old and started 16 games for the Cleveland Browns as recently as the 2021 season. According to ESPN, he ranked third in pass block win rate and second in run block win rate among centers that season. He was third in pass block win rate the year prior, too.

The Packers had a tough choice to make in 2017. They were in a rare position where they had two quality starting centers: Tretter and Corey Linsley. Tretter was a free agent and ended up signing with the Cleveland Browns. Linsley became an All-Pro with the Packers, but Tretter was also consistently one of the best centers in football.

Tretter spent four years in Green Bay and another five in Cleveland, making 90 starts in the regular season. He decided to retire after an excellent career in the NFL. But if he chose to come back, he could help any team in need of a center. Tretter is 32 years old and was playing at a high level a little over a year ago for the Browns.

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