4 former Packers players who are still surprisingly free agents

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1. Adrian Amos

Green Bay has made several moves at safety, both in free agency and the draft. Surprisingly, one wasn't to re-sign Adrian Amos.

Amos wasn't at his best throughout the 2022 season, but he is still a solid starting safety and can help just about any team. He rarely misses time and played in every game for the Packers during his four seasons with the team.

He also started each one of those games, making 362 tackles, 30 pass defenses, and seven interceptions for Green Bay.

The Packers signed free-agent Jonathan Owens, who has starting experience, which seems to indicate they don't plan to bring back Amos, which is surprising. Amos knows the system and has provided steady play at the safety position for four years.

Amos shouldn't still be available. Any team that signs him is getting a quality starting safety. He only recently turned 30, so Amos could have many years ahead of him.

Maybe Amos ends up back in Green Bay, but with the team signing Jonathan Owens and Taravarius Moore, re-signing Rudy Ford and Dallin Leavitt, and drafting Anthony Johnson Jr., it doesn't seem that he is in their plans moving forward.

But it shouldn't be long before Amos finds a new team.

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