4 NFC North draft moves that would spell disaster for Packers

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2. Minnesota Vikings trade up for Jaxon Smith-Njigba

It's hard enough watching Justin Jefferson dominate in a Minnesota Vikings uniform after Packers fans had desperately hoped to see him wearing green and gold before the 2020 NFL Draft. The last thing we need is the Vikings stealing Jaxon Smith-Njigba from the Packers, too.

The good news is that, unlike three years ago, the Packers have the better draft pick. If the Vikings want Smith-Njigba, they would likely need to trade ahead of Green Bay. And probably even higher.

To jump ahead of the Houston Texans at No. 12, the Vikings may need to pay somewhere in the region of a second and a fourth. It's a pricey trade, but the prospect of pairing Smith-Njigba with Jefferson would have to be tempting.

The Vikings' gain would be the Packers' pain. Instead of drafting the best wide receiver in the class, a player who would perfectly complement Christian Watson, they would have to cover him twice a year.

We don't know if the Packers would draft Smith-Njigba at No. 15 if he's there. They should, but we don't know if they would.

The Vikings also don't know that. If they want him badly enough, they could trade ahead of the Packers and make life miserable for Green Bay's secondary.