4 players Packers could cut or trade after crucial June 1 deadline

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Packers could cut or trade David Bakhtiari

Again, we shouldn't expect the Packers to move on from David Bakhtiari anytime soon. They didn't draft an offensive tackle this year, a clear sign they plan to move forward with the five-time All-Pro in 2023.

However, what if the Packers are out of contention and a playoff team needs help at tackle? Take the New York Jets as an example. New York's offensive line is a concern entering the regular season. Bakhtiari reuniting with Aaron Rodgers could solve that problem.

Bakhtiari's cap hit jumps up to $40.58 million in 2024, so this may be his last year in Green Bay, regardless.

If the Packers were to trade or cut Bakhtiari this season, they would still pay $19.08 million in dead cap, which is only slightly less than the current number. But they would more than half his 2024 cap hit to another $19.08 million. It's still a high number to pay in dead cap, but it's far better than a little over $40 million.

Would a team trade for Bakhtiari and his current contract? Maybe an all-in team like the Jets would consider it if they still need help at tackle for a playoff run later in the year.