4 players Packers could cut or trade after crucial June 1 deadline

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Packers could cut or trade Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones took a pay cut to stay with the Packers this season. That alone means Green Bay shouldn't consider cutting him this year. However, what if a playoff contender needs some help on offense and the Packers are effectively eliminated before the trade deadline?

There's no doubt Jones could make a huge difference for a contending team that needs running back help. Christian McCaffrey immediately upgraded the San Francisco 49ers' rushing attack when they traded for him before last year's deadline, and Jones could do the same for another team this season.

So, let's talk numbers. Jones's current cap hit would be reduced by $2.48 million in a post-June 1 trade. The Packers would pay $12.36 million in dead cap next year, but that number would come down from his current 2024 cap hit of $17.17 million.

Jones is one of the best running backs in the league. He is a difference maker and can also impact the game as a receiver.

It would be tough to say goodbye to a fan favorite, especially such a great player. But if the Packers fall out of playoff contention before the trade deadline and a team like the Buffalo Bills is interested in trading for him, why not? The Packers help their salary cap long-term, while Jones gives himself a great chance of winning a Super Bowl.

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