4 Packers players who are turning heads after second week of training camp

These four Packers players have dominated in the opening two weeks of training camp.
Green Bay Packers Training Camp
Green Bay Packers Training Camp / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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3. Luke Musgrave is going to be a problem

Good luck to opposing defenses trying to stop Luke Musgrave. He has a dangerous combination of size, speed, and athleticism. Even when he's not catching the ball, his presence in the middle of the field will create passing lanes for Jordan Love.

Musgrave's speed is unfair on defenders. He has shown off his receiving ability throughout training camp, including at Family Night.

Paul Bretl of Packers Wire wrote: "Musgrave is going to be such a weapon for this offense and right away will play a big role. During the starting offense's first possession, Musgrave was targeted twice almost immediately and both with big play potential."

There are areas for Musgrave to improve. His blocking remains a work in progress. Tight ends face a daunting transition from college to the NFL as there is so much to learn. We shouldn't expect Musgrave to dominate in every area of his game in year one, but he can still make a significant impact.

While Musgrave makes that adjustment, he offers plenty as a receiver. He is a big-play threat in the middle of the field, and defenses always have to worry about where he is. The same is true about wide receiver Christian Watson.

Together, they are going to make defensive coordinators' lives miserable.