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Packers trade proposal: David Bakhtiari to Chiefs

David Bakhtiari

This deal makes so much sense for everyone involved. The hypothetical proposal was put together by Andy Herman of the Pack-A-Day podcast, and it's perfect. It would send David Bakhtiari to the Kansas City Chiefs, who face some uncertainty at tackle.

"They are the best team in the league, and they are risking a lot with Patrick Mahomes, having Donovan Smith as their left tackle for this season," said Herman.

As noted earlier, winning the AFC will be no easy task this season, even for the Chiefs. They know too well how poor offensive line play can ruin any championship dreams. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made 10 quarterback hits and three sacks in their 31-9 Super Bowl victory over the Chiefs two years ago.

The Chiefs would be landing a five-time All-Pro and one of the best pass-protectors in the league. They would have to give up a premium draft pick, but that's a price worth paying if it results in another Lombardi Trophy. Adding Bakhtiari could be the difference.

Bakhtiari wins. He moves on from a rebuilding team and joins the defending Super Bowl champions, giving him a tremendous opportunity to finally win a championship. The Chiefs win because they solve a potentially big problem at a premium position.

The Packers also win. They receive a premium draft pick and significantly reduce their future cap hits.