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Packers trade proposal: Kenny Clark to Chargers

Kenny Clark

The Los Angeles Chargers have fallen short of expectations in recent years, but they have a roster talented enough to make a playoff run. One area of concern for the Chargers is their defensive line. Unless that changes, they could struggle to overcome the best teams in the AFC in the postseason.

ESPN's Mike Clay graded the Chargers' defensive line among the five worst in the league.

If only they could trade for a two-time Pro Bowler. Well, maybe they could.

Financially, trading Kenny Clark wouldn't be ideal for the Packers. According to Spotrac, Clark's cap hit in 2024 is $27.49 million. Trading him only reduces that to $24.24 million, which means the Packers would pay a huge dead cap number for a player no longer on their roster.

And that's part of the reason why the Packers could demand a first-round pick in return. The Chargers would be getting a Pro Bowl defensive lineman with two years remaining on his contract and manageable cap hits. They also fix one of their biggest areas of need.

The Packers would lose a key starter on defense, but they are building for their long-term future and Clark is entering his age-28 season. They get a first-round pick, help their salary cap, and can continue to build for their future around Jordan Love.

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