5 big Green Bay Packers mistakes that doomed the team in 2022

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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4. Not taking the bye week after London game

OK, it's a little unfair to blame the Packers for this one, but there's no doubt the impact it had on the season. Before the 2022 schedule was announced, Green Bay was given the option to take its bye week immediately after the London game.

The team declined as their trip to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium was in Week 5. Their thinking was logical. Why take the bye week early in the season when there are so many games to come?

That decision backfired.

Late in the loss to the New York Giants in London, Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken thumb. Rather than having a week off to heal, the Packers were back in action seven days later against the New York Jets. It turned out to be arguably Green Bay's worst performance of the year, a 27-10 humiliation at Lambeau Field.

Rodgers continued to play through injury, and the Packers went 2-6 in the eight games between the trip to London and their bye.

The Packers may have lost most of those games even with a healthy Rodgers, but it's notable that they went 3-1 after the bye, with victories over the Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, and Minnesota Vikings.