5 big Green Bay Packers mistakes that doomed the team in 2022

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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3. Packers didn't go all-in or all-out

The Packers had a choice entering the 2022 season. Go all-in, or go all-out. They did neither.

Going all-in would be a commitment to winning now with Aaron Rodgers. Make a big trade, move on from Jordan Love, and take an 'F those picks' approach. With only another year or two of Rodgers' Hall-of-Fame career remaining, this would've made some sense. Take the Tom Brady route with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The other option? Trade Rodgers and start over.

It had to be one or the other. Green Bay had to either throw absolutely everything at winning a Super Bowl before Rodgers retires, or move on completely. Taking the in-between route was destined to fail, and an 8-9 record perfectly encapsulates that.

Green Bay did neither. It wanted to win with Rodgers, but without making too many moves that sacrifice the team's future with Jordan Love.

The Packers did all they could to "run it back", re-signing key players like De'Vondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas, but they didn't make enough significant moves to upgrade the roster.

Whereas other teams were trading for A.J. Brown, Tyreek Hill, and Amari Cooper, the Packers were making low-risk free agency signings.

Oh, and they traded away their best player...