5 big Green Bay Packers mistakes that doomed the team in 2022

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers
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2. Trading Davante Adams

This one still makes zero sense.

Just days -- days -- after Aaron Rodgers signed a huge extension to stay in Green Bay, the Packers traded away their star wide receiver Davante Adams.

The moment the Packers handed Rodgers a new deal, they were committed to winning now. Presumably, that means going all-in. How on earth is trading away Davante Adams a sign of an all-in team?

Adams wanted to go. The Packers were in a tough position. Understandable. But they would never have even gotten to that position had Green Bay paid Adams the summer before. This started in 2021.

The outcome? Entirely predictable.

Adams continued to dominate with the Las Vegas Raiders, catching 100 passes for 1,516 yards and a league-high 14 touchdowns, earning first-team All-Pro honors for the third consecutive season.

Green Bay's passing offense fell apart, dropping from No. 8 in 2021 to No. 17.

In 2020, the Packers averaged a league-high 31.8 points per game. In 2021, it was 26.5. Without Adams, it fell to 21.8 in 2022.

Imagine this sales pitch: We are going to pay our star quarterback and go all-in to win a Super Bowl. But we are also going to trade away our All-Pro wide receiver. It made no sense at the time, and sadly, the concern was proven to be correct.